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At Gonville Academy, we take a purposeful and creative approach to the teaching of computing. Computing is taught progressively through the three main strands and assessed on a continuous basis:

  • Information technology (using computer systems to create, organise, store, retrieve and send information)
  • Computer science (design, write and debug programming and understanding how digital systems work)
  • Digital literacy (evaluating digital content and using technology safely and respectfully including online privacy)

In order to ensure and maintain safety at the forefront, each ICT unit is accompanied by an e-safety lesson relevant to the learning and age of the children, after which each lesson builds on previous learning ensuring new skills are introduced at age appropriate levels.

Our aim is for children to develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards using and applying their computing skills.

Children are given opportunities to develop a range of knowledge and skills which they can use and apply in a wide variety of contexts and which will be used to support learning in other subject areas. In addition, our children will use technology to develop, enhance and use their independent research skills to discover more about the world around them.


Subject Documents Date  
Computing Overview and Progression 06th Oct 2023 Download